Dec 18, 2012

Book Release–Blood and Dust by Jason Nahrung


I was scooped on this release by Jason himself (helps when you are the author),but it’s here folks, in time for Christmas or just after,  when your previously luddite book reading relatives are looking to fill up their kobo/kindle/tablet/iphone with good fiction.

Kevin Matheson works at his family’s service station in the Queensland outback. Life is all about cricket, fishing, the pub, his girlfriend. Then it all gets blown to hell – he’s caught up in a hideous, unbelievable world of cops and monsters in which two rival gangs of vampires vie for control, all while maintaining a charade of humanity.

Kevin has to cope with his new existence as a vampire, adapt to the destruction of his family and play the politics of the supernatural world. The biker Taipan and his lover Kala make for unlikely allies as they lead the nomadic Night Riders in their fight to be free of the control of the Brisbane-based Von Schiller group, led by the ruthless Mira and her pack of blood-addicted human servants.

I like Mr Nahrung’s vampires, none of that sparkly, vegetarian stare fest crap from Twilight, yeah you heard me Twilight.

You can buy it at all good digital outlets but start at Xoum and check out there other titles.

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