Dec 28, 2012

Vale Vox

My Kobo Vox which I have had a somewhat strained relationship with since first purchasing it 11 months ago has died.  It was down to 1 hour battery life, while operating in airplane mode.

So I’m not happy, and although I will get a replacement with a less than generous 3 month warranty, $279 dollars for one year is not value.  A year on what was your flagship device Kobo?

I have been forced back to using a Sony PRS 505 which I had managed to get working again (its 4 years old, holds its charge) and boots up in 2 seconds.

Seriously for a device to read ebooks it kicks the Vox’s ass.

And if you ask me what advice I'd give to someone entering the ereader market it would be go the cheapest, most convenient, most reliable reader for you.  If you want cheap reads go e-ink with an external light source, go a brand that has a good rep and at this point in time it would come down to another Sony or a Kindle.

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