Dec 12, 2012

Book Release–Havenstar by Glenda Larke

havenstar6highqualityWell technically its a re-release.  Glenda had Havenstar published by the Virgin books imprint shortly before it went out of business.  A terrible blow to a writer whose books had raced u the Amazon charts.

So now, some three trilogies later, Glenda has rereleased her work in ebook form.

The Eight Stabilities are islands of order surrounded by lethal chaos—and the order is being swallowed by the unstable. The religious leaders of Chantry try to maintain the Stabilities by ordering the necessity of a once in a lifetime pilgrimage across the chaos. And in that ever-changing world, the most important person is a mapmaker who can make a chart of secure pilgrimage routes…

Keris Kaylen is a mapmaker's daughter. When her father is murdered and a mountain disappears, Keris is betrayed by her brother. Forced to flee into the Unstable, she finds her safety is in the hands of a man bonded to the Lord Carasma, the Unmaker…and her ordered life is turned upside-down. Her survival will depend on a map and a place called Havenstar—but she can't reproduce the map, and Havenstar may not even exist…

You still might be able to find some outrageously priced paperbacks on amazon but I am fairly sure that Glenda doesn’t get a skerrick of that money.

So enjoy this stand alone from one of Australia’s fantasy talents.

You can purchase through Smashwords, but I found mine on Kobo.

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