Dec 31, 2012

New to Dr Who podcasts - Verity Episode 0

verity copyThe women of the Verity podcast have got together and release a pre season podcast.  An introduction to the varied bunch of female Who fans that will be bringing a diverse conversation about Who to our eardrums.

As they relate their Journey to Who Fandom in this podcast I am reminded of my discussion with Helen Merrick on the diversity of women in science fiction history.

The participants in the podcast come from vastly different who backgrounds. From those who only started with New Who, to those who have been watching since the black and white days – whose mothers  took them along to fan conventions or meet ups.

It looks to be a promising show.  The first official cast is going to discuss the Christmas special and I think there’s enough dissenting opinion/ varied positions that it will be a good crunchy discussion.

Download: verityep00.mp3

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