Dec 9, 2012

Reynox Writers' Centre closes

jenfaIn some sad news Jennifer Fallon advisers us that Reynox House, her writers retreat in New Zealand.  The Christchurch earthquake made the house unsafe for residential retreats but it sounds as if battles with insurance companies has really put the nail in the coffin.

here’s the press release from Jennifer

So, the insurance company got the better of us. We have been forced to admit defeat.

As of the Dec 7, 2012, Reynox House is permanently closed and has been sold for redevelopment to someone with far deeper pockets than ours.

Hopefully, the new owners can afford the six-figure legal bill to fight AMP, WH Mainzeal and Vero to have the seven-figure repair bill from the September 2010 earthquake covered.

Time now, for our family to get on with life. As for me, I will concentrate on my very cool day job which takes me to Antarctica every year for a month and working the 5 books I have been commissioned to write. Just won’t be writing them from Reynox House.


Jenny Fallon


So sad news for writers, especially in NZ.

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