noun: a pilot or navigator of books
[Middle English bok, from Old English boc; see bhago+ Greek nautassailor; see nau- in Indo-European roots]

About the Blog

Adventures of a Bookonaut is a book blog focusing on Australian Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror).  I review books for Hachette Publishing, Allen & Unwin and other Australian small presses. I do review some self published works but under strict conditions i.e. they will be Australian, New Zealand or South East Asian authors.

 The blog features:
  • Reviews of the books I read
  • News relevant to speculative fiction
  • Musings on the changing nature of reading ie E-readers, audiobooks
  • Videos and multi-media on writing and reading.
  • The occasional update on my writing life

About the author

My name is Sean Wright (AKA Sean the Blogonaut/ Sean the Bookonaut).  You can find me on Goodreads and on Twitter under @seandblogonaut.

I have been nominated for 3 Best Fan Writer Ditmars for the body of work presented in this blog, co- nominated for 3 others as part of a group nomination for Best Fan Publication in any Medium for my work with the Galactic Chat podcast.

In 2014 I was a winner in both those categories.

Sean the published author:

My only published fiction work to date has been Goldfish, French Fires and Space Invaders which was included in the Adelaide Fringe Festival publication, Are you plotting anything this weekend?  Myself and two other friends, Ben Wilson and Paul Breen, penned a 10,000 word Douglass Adams inspired comedy piece in a weekend and it was selected from a number of Young Adult works.  If you can find a copy I'll be very surprised.

Currently I have two half written manuscripts and am working on developing short stories in the hope that I will have something published this decade.

I am also a published poet writing under SB Wright.  You can find my poetry here.


Although not required to by Australian law,  I note when I have received a book free of charge to review, whether through the author directly or the publisher.

Being a reviewer in speculative fiction, a neophyte writer of fiction myself or even just being a reviewer in the small writing community of Australia, I have a few relationships with authors that might be considered more than the standard reviewer/interviewer author relationship(it's a relatively small writing community).

At some point  my interpersonal relationships with authors is my business alone and doesn't bare too strongly on my reviews.  Do you as a reader need to know that I bought Jo Author drinks at the National Convention? I'll pretty much indicate in the reviews if I am a gushing fanboy or not.  If I feel there's a relationship that needs to be disclosed because the stakes warrant it I'll let you know - you'll just have to trust me. We are talking books not sheep stations.

Money made from this blog:

Hahahahahahahahaha! Sorry I kill me.  I make a very small amount of money through affiliate sales with Booktopia. I make a small percentage for referring peeps to buy from them, usually through book title links and sometimes through advertising their book sales. If you want an idea of how small this amount is I make only marginally more than I do from published poetry.

I tend to try and give my readers value by locating books that are of interest to speculative fiction readers. They are my only source of advertising and I support them for a couple of reasons a) Australian Business b) excellent customer service and response.


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