Dec 28, 2012

The Writer and the Critic Episode 26

PD*3141165The latest and the last for a little while as both of the hosts of the show are moving house, so it will be three long excruciating months before we get to hear Kirstyn’s insightful commentary and Ian singing 80-90s cover versions of Bon Jovi/Bryan Adams.

So Episode 26 is a non fiction episode where they tackle Gary K. Wolfe’s Evapourating Genres and James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon , a biography by Julie Phillips.

Now despite it being non-fiction centred, I found it to be one of their better episodes (not that they aren’t all pretty good).  Their discussion on first authors and criticism got me thinking.

And of course they do mention my new podcast Adventures of a Bookonaut so maybe I might be slightly biased.

The Sheldon biography sounds very interesting as well and I’m not really one for biographies.

Anyway go to the show notes here for some more detail.  You can download it as an mp3 here or stream from the player below.


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