Dec 15, 2012

Midnight and Moonshine -The Otherworld Launch

A good number of writerly and readerly folk braved what could only be described as hellish weather to attend the Otherworld launch of Midnight & Moonshine by authors Angela Slatter and Lisa L Hannett.  Adelaide turned on 40 degree heat and about 5 mm of rain to make it positively tropical.
Where are the Norse gods when you need them eh?
Audience and dignitaries soldiered on though and Russ was able to ramble without being lynched.
After Russ said nice things about almost everyone in the room and thanked us all for supporting independent press and awesome aussie authors it was over to Kirstyn and Mondy Jason who did a wonderful job of introducing the writers and the text and finally launching the book.
Dr Slatter gave us a reading from near the beginning of the book, braving the trying conditions and keeping us all wrapt and envious of the characters in the icy Nordic
The Dr Hannett gave us a reading set 1000 years in the future.  An interesting piece that to my ear seemed to tie in nicely with Dr Slatter’s, perhaps foreshadowing an intricately woven series of connected tales.
Damn fine chocolate cake with the beautiful cover image by Kathleen Jennings
And before I forget a never before seen picture of the evil Dr Brain?  Not penned by Kathleen Jennings but nevertheless a lovely piece of comic art.

It was a wonderful night and when refrigerated aircon was discovered in the restaurant on the ground floor the group absconded to Brunelli’s for some great pizza. 

I rounded off the night with dinner companions my wife Alison, Jason Nahrung, Kirstyn McDermott and a groovy hat wearing Sean Williams.  Much bookish chat was had

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