Dec 2, 2012

Singaporean Speculative Fiction available through Books Actually

ayam-curtainWhile having a pleasant chat with Joelyn Alexandra at the SA Writers Centre in preparation for the upcoming Adventures of a Bookonaut Podcast, I mentioned the not insignificant difficulty of ordering all the good books that I hear mentioned by the Singaporean writers that I follow on twitter.

Especially some of the gorgeous stuff put out by Math Paper Press. Half the battle in getting books sold is getting folks to notice them the other half is customers getting access to them.

Now, thanks to the generosity of Joelyn and others I received a parcel of books, hand delivered by her, Happiness at the End of the World, The Steam Powered Globe, Bubble G.U.M., and Ayam Curtain.

But what about you my Australian and American readers?

You could fly to Singapore or you could find some titles from BooksActually an independent Singaporean Bookstore who have just opened their webstore.

Check out the shop front here and the web store here.

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