Feb 9, 2012

My continuing adventures with the Vox

images (16)Well as you might have guessed from this post my initial adventure with Kobo’s colour ereader/tablet hit a snag.

Through a rather expensive coffee and cake and a 40 minute round trip to the nearest metropolis fishing village I was able to register and unlock the Vox1. I’d already discovered that the native Kobo Reading App wouldn’t support Adobe Digital Editions2, even the books that I had bought from the Kobo website.

Luckily the Vox is a tablet and there’s an App for that.  Specifically the Aldiko reader app which should recognise  ADE DRM.  Or you could just research Calibre and various plugins and the DRM issue apparently disappears 3.

I am still waiting to set up the home wireless (I live rurally and operate on mobile internet) and that’s a whole other tale of woe.

But seeing that I have limited internet access with the Vox how has it all been going? 

Well I have:

  • Sideloaded4 my collection of books
  • Read and annotated some texts
  • Tweeted
  • Watched a TV show in HD using the Gallery App
  • Downloaded the Aldiko, Comixology & Kindle Apps

What do I like:

  • That I can read any book in my collection regardless of format.
  • I can watch TV/Movies in bed – provided the a recorded and compressed
  • Highlighting and annotating text in books
  • Colour covers
  • And for the Comixology app their Guided view technology, which has done wonders for my comic reading literacy.


  • Possible eyestrain
  • Not all books seem to support the night reading setting

So I am happy.  I will be happy still when I work out the wireless setup but for now I am enjoying the reading, and am rediscovering an interest in comics. 

1. In case you didn’t realise the Kobo, unlike more expensive tablets needs to download an update before you can actually get in and play around.   To do this you require a private wireless internet connection, or try some old fashioned wardriving.  Public wifi that requires browser login will only work after this update.

2.Slightly depressing as its pretty much the default DRM for most publishers

3. The removal of DRM even if its for your own use, so that you can back-up and move files from one device to the other is not legal

4. Sounds cool doesn’t it.  Essential loaded my non DRM’d collection via usb and worked out how to tell my kobo to find it


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