Feb 12, 2012

Another dose of Lanagan

seahI am currently reading my review copy of Margo Lanagan’s Sea Hearts (and really enjoying it).  It seems that Margo is getting quite a bit of coverage both nationally and overseas.  Two recent features include:

The ABC’s Books and Arts Daily features Margo talking about Sea Hearts.  You can play her interview via this link or listen to the whole show which features some discussion on eBooks by downloading it here.


The UK’s Guardian newspaper reviews Sea Hearts/Brides of Rollrock Island here courtesy of Marcus Sedgwick.

You can purchase the paperback and the eBook from Australian service Booktopia.

I note that again Lanagan is placed in the Children/Teens section; a classification that always puzzles me to some degree. 

Lanagan’s work tends to be a little confronting at times (Tender Morsels for example or Singing my Sister Down).  I would argue that there’s a certain maturity that a reader must have to fully appreciate her work.  Children’s book no.  Mature teen and above yes.

I’d hate for adult readers of speculative fiction to pass Lanagan by simply because she might be found in the YA section – her work to me is relevant and enjoyable for those of us who have survived adolescence.

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