Feb 14, 2012

Hello Sweetie

A regular readers will know I bought, or rather received a Kobo Vox as a present.  It’s chuffing along quite nicely at the moment1 . I have some paperback review copies that are keeping me from getting too carried away with it though.

I am, however, starting to get a bit nervous about damaging it .  My old PRS 505 had a nice synthetic leather cover that protected it rather well.  So I am looking for something similar although I haven’t ruled out converting an old/damaged leather bound tome to a book cover.

That was until I saw this:

river songriver song2

Hello Sweetie indeed.2

It’s by a leather worker3 on Etsy and if you can see the vast range of work he does here. Sadly though its quite expensive, though not undeservedly so. Still the well trained consumer/fan in me wants it.


1. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though –see here

2. If you have no idea  what I am referencing with “Hello Sweetie” then you have lost all Geek cred with me.  NO! I’m serious I disown you and relegate you to that special circle of hell reserved for Fox executives who cancel Joss Whedon’s shows and Sylvester McCoy.

3. No idea where the leather is sourced from, whether its produced ethically(is there such a thing).


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