Feb 19, 2012

Aurealis Number 47

aurealis 47Aurealis 47 the February Issue has been released and sadly it’s no longer free1

Aurealis now retails at less than “a half decent cup of coffee” price of $2.99. 

With that you get two new pieces of speculative fiction, reviews, a non fiction essay and links to speculative fiction happenings on the web.

If you are skint or cheap payment averse you can still get half the issue for nothing on preview (click here and scroll down).

But I can get a whole ebook for that

Some may  well say “I can get a whole ebook for that.”  To which I have a number of responses:

  1. Knock yourself out, but you’ll be missing out on this publication
  2. I call it investing in our local specific culture, an investment for which I actually receive something straight away.
  3. I am still not sure what effect 99c deals will have on publishing and authors in the long run and am prepared to pay extra particularly to small presses and publications.
  4. I hope that when I get around to finishing some short fiction that there will still be a market to submit it to.  Paying local talent, means that talent can keep on writing and providing us with a unique view.
  5. Issue 47 references yours truly and I am ever so slightly narcissistic and obviously think you should pay for something that mentions me.

In all seriousness though 100 pages of Australian Specfic goodness for less than a coffee/ice cream.

This issue features a slightly grisly historical fantasy piece by Jenny Blackford and some Aussie outback flavoured horror by Jason Nahrung and a Non Fiction Essay by Crisetta MacLeod in addition to reviews and other web materials.

The magazine also contains to collate and publish feedback from each issue.  Want something extra in the magazine, or feel something’s not working?  Let the team know.

1.To be honest though it two issues for nix was a damn good deal. 


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