Feb 15, 2012

Exciting Publishing news

No, not for me, that would mean I’d been motivated and, you know, written some fiction in the last 2 months 1 .

Establishing Momentum

momoNo, this is some interesting news brought about by the “digital revolution baby”2. Pan Macmillan have released their digital only imprint called Momentum.  They have 22 novels which can be bought through Amazon, Google and iBookstore (though I note some books aren’t available in all three).

Here’s their press release:

MOMENTUM, Pan Macmillan Australia’s new digital-only imprint, has launched today with 22 ebooks available for sale. Pan Macmillan is the first major book publisher in Australia to launch a digital-only list. Momentum’s list is an exciting and vibrant mix of books from established and emerging authors. Publishing ebooks and utilising print-on-demand (POD) technology, Momentum aims to make new and old books more accessible than ever before.

Momentum combines all the editorial expertise of a traditional publishing house with strong and highly focused marketing and promotion. The dynamics of ebook publishing allow Momentum to publish globally and at highly accessible prices, with new titles under $10 and previously published titles under $5.

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Interesting that they have been more or less forced to come down to the $10 mark, not sure if that’s good or bad or just plain necessary.

Midnight-Sun-facebookIn the Land of the Midnight Sun

The second bit of news is the establishment of Midnight Sun a local (based in Adelaide) publisher.   Internode founder Simon Hackett did the ribbon cutting honours and the music was provided by New York Times best selling novelist Sean Williams3 .  Here’s their press release:

February is here and the time has finally come to let MidnightSun Publishing stand on its own two feet. Last night, 10 Feb 2012, the company was officially launched at an amazing party in Adelaide. Well-known businessman Simon Hackett did the honours and did so beautifully, talking about the need for people to be passionate about what they love and actually transform their passions into businesses.

The night was a huge success with 150-200 people attending, many of them taking advantage of the exclusive sale of our first book, Anna Solding’s The Hum of Concrete, a month before its actual launch at Writers’ Week. To see so many well-loved writers (Sean Williams, Carol Lefevre, Ruth Starke and Amy T. Matthews to name a few)

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So keep your eyes peeled for the times there are a changin’

H/T to SA Writers Centre

1. Book still languishing at the 40K mark

 2. Imagine Austin Poers saying that ad it doesn’t sound too sexist..

3. A man of many talents it seems

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