Feb 1, 2012

Are you all Lanaganed out yet?

Well too bad. Here’s some more news on Margo.

nilAdelaide Writers’ Week 2012 dedicated to Margo Lanagan

The dedication of Adelaide writers week, part of the Adelaide festival, will occur at East Stage, 9.30am Saturday March 3rd.

Sean Williams, New York Times best selling Sci-Fi author, Adelaide resident and member of the organising committee wrote:

Margo Lanagan is one of Australia’s most gifted writers. Few have managed to so effortlessly unite realism and fantasy, adult literary and young adult fiction. Hers is a dark wit coupled with a near hypnotic ability to lead her readers into unusual and often uncomfortable places. She is a maker of extraordinary worlds and her fiction is fearless, uneasy, and often incredible.
Her body of work is extensive: fifteen novels, fifty short stories, and four highly acclaimed short story collections, White Time, Black Juice,Red Spikes and Yellowcake.

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Margo will also be appearing at a free panel with Michael Crummey to talk about The Se’s Stories.  It will be held on Monday March 5 at East Stage at 2.30pm.

Another Interview

The Artist Jackie Morris also has a recent interview with Margo at her blog called:

Brides, Bears, Selkies and Magic: or, an interview with Margo Lanagan.

It began when Meg Rosoff told me that she would eat her hat if I didn’t just love Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan. It wasn’t love at first sight. Sometimes you have to be in the right place to read a book, and it was only a conversation with Marilyn Brocklehurst when I asked her advice on how best to tell Meg that she had to eat her hat, followed by having another copy of the book thrown at me, then being beaten with it by said bookseller who also threw a torrent of praise for the book into my ears, that I found the way in. From then I was lost forever in the beauty of the story.

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