Feb 16, 2012

Comic Book Writer?

I recently, as in yesterday, became a member of the SA Writers centre and while it’s a bit short notice for me to get organised they are running a a 3 hour course on writing for Graphic Novels. 

Checkout the details below:

Writing a Graphic Novel with Ruth Starke

RuthStarke_smallDo you have a story in your head that you can conceptualise visually? Does your story run through your mind like film through a projector? Do you find writing dialogue much easier and far more pleasurable than description? Do you like comics?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you might enjoy writing a graphic novel. You might already have a narrative story, a page of ideas, a page of sketches, or a script. Whichever, bring it along to this workshop, which is for illustrators who want to write, writers who can't draw, and people who are still making up their minds. Bring along pencils, paper and an eraser.

Please note this workshop is on writing and not illustrating the graphic novel.

Event date:
18-02-2012 14:00 - 17:00


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