Feb 29, 2012

Wednesday Links

I have gone from having no work to being fully booked more or less for the next two weeks – ah the life of a masterless Ronin relief teacher.  So I am still ploughing through Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker and I am trying to organise a telephone interview with a an unnamed1 Australian novelist.

So some links of interest that popped up in my reader:

The first is a guest post on SF Signal by LB Gale on the upcoming John Carter of Mars.  The discussion surrounding John Carter reminds me a bit of the discussion around Lord of the Rings; regarding it being a rip-off of Dungeons and Dragons.

Laura does a really good job of picking apart the idea of rip-offs and pointing out that each generation retells the stories of the last among other things.

Dancing with Avatars on Mars: On John Carter and Ripoffs

And if you are interested in other John Carter related info check out this Primer that includes a fan man trailer of the film

Tansy has a great post on the Doctor Who episode Planet of the Spiders in”:

“Not Just a Journalist But a Woman Journalist!” [Review: Planet of the Spiders]

It makes me want to see it again and reminds me that at least three of the actors from that period have all sadly passed away.

Mary Robinette Kowal points us to a blog post by one of her Alpha readers on the importance and role of an alpha reader.  And having just engaged my significant other to do this job all I can do is nod my head in agreement.

Finally, Rowena Cory Daniels has emerged from the editing cave to give us this interview  with Australian writer Lian Tanner.  Well worth reading.

1.They obviously have a name but I am not telling Smile with tongue out

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