Feb 25, 2012

A Small Thank you

 booktopia.com.au - Australia's #1 online bookstore

Those of you who are old hands at the book blogging game will no doubt have picked up that I have a couple of spots on the blog that look like advertising spots.

I am indeed signed up to a couple of affiliate programs and 12 months ago I outlined my reasons for doing so.  It basically boils down to these sites providing good service and providing competition for unnamed industry giants.

So currently I have affiliate links that go to Kobo and to an Australian Online Bookstore Booktopia.

In my experience blogging isn’t a money making enterprise, at least not in the areas I write about and the style in which I present my content.

I won’t make enough money to pay the rent but it does give you a nice feeling when someone is so inspired by your review that they decide to make a purchase.

So thank you to the reader who made a purchase on the 22nd, I hope you enjoy your purchase and thanks for supporting an Australian blogger and business.

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