Feb 24, 2012

Galactic Suburbia Episode 54 & Android App

The Women of Galactic Suburbia are at it again, chalking and talking up Episode 54.  Tansy talks Lego and there appears to be a whole raft of Gender topics, discussed – sounds very crunchy.

They tease us, their fans, with promise of a feedback episode.

The Show Notes are here

You can download the mp3 direct from here

You can stream from the player below


You can try the Galactic Suburbia Plus Android app

I created1 an app yesterday that collects the mobile feed of both Galactic Suburbia and Galactic chat podbean sites. 

Downloading the App is a much quicker way for Android users to connect to the site -cuts out the step of opening the browser and connecting to a bookmarked page.  With this App you get both feeds and it’s as easy as hitting the tab to flick between the two.

I have tested it on my Galaxy 5 over a wifi network and it works very well.

The download link is here if you are reading this blog via an android device or if you have your phone handy you can scan the QR code below.  It leads to the Appsgeyser website.

qurified_message (1)

Worthwhile if you like streaming over a wifi connected android tablet, but probably not financially viable on any but the most generous data plans on mobiles.  Because you know how long the crew can talk …




Note:  Don’t contact the Galactic Suburbia site if it there are issues with the app itself, this a fan creation by me - you can contact me below in the comments if for some reason you can’t get it to work.

1. Created in the sense that I cut and pasted some links and clicked some options.  I’m no code money

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