Feb 21, 2012

Gender Post Round Up

The past month has seen a bit of discussion on Gender and fiction, gender and con panels.  Perhaps its because I am interested in the topic that I am seeing more of it.  But what I hope is happening is a little consciousness raising flowing through the book world.

So here are some recent posts, some of which I have participated in.  All are entertaining and instructive.  I’d even say read the comments.

Panel  Parity – The post that seems to have birthed a number of others commenting on gender parity at conventions.

Or maybe sometimes Equality MIGHT Mean Half… [the Paul Cornell Parity Project Edition] - Tansy Rayner Roberts commenting on the above

The Cornell Ratio: Should SFF Convention Panels Be 50/50 Male and Female? – Tor commenting on Cornell’s suggestion.

Positive Discrimination – Cheryl Morgan commenting on the Cornell post

If you have got you head around that lot it might be worth taking a look at Cheryl Morgan’s review of Episode 16 of the Writer and the Critic  in Kirstyn And Mondy Do Gender

And because we are talking Gender, here’s my own gender report of the years reading to date:


Feel free to add any links to other recent gender posts in the comments.

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