Aug 13, 2012

Win Besieged by Rowena Cory Daniells

besJust wanted to drop a note to say that I have received Besieged for review and let me state, right now, I love this book.

This is a book I had to tell my wife to hide because I needed to get work done today.

Anyway, review coming up this weekend (probably).  But in the meantime check out the competition running on Goodreads to win a copy or place it on your Booktopia wish list for when the next free shipping  promo is held.

Solaris, Rowena’s publisher is also planning to release the next  books in the series in the next few months, so no long waits for the rest of the trilogy(oops! Exile is already out).

For heavens sake its only $9.50 buy it now (ok I’ll stop gushing).

But seriously, damn fine dark fantasy.

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