Aug 13, 2012

Pre-Orders on Midnight and Moonshine are go!

midnight-and-moonshine-webThe Doctors Brain (Lisa L. Hannett and Angela Slatter) teamed up to deliver Midnight and Moonshine.

Lisa and Angela have each won Aurealis awards for their separate collections and a little birdy tells me that the equally award winning Kathleen Jennings will be doing the cover art for this collection.  As if I couldn’t tell from the distinctive cover art ---->

Here’s the copy:

The gods are dead, but will not be forgotten.
When Mymnir flees Ragnarok, she hopes to escape all that bound her to Ásgarðr — a heedless pantheon, a domineering brother, and her neglectful father-master, Óðinn. But the white raven, a being of memory and magic, should know that the past is not so easily left behind. No matter how far she flies, she cannot evade her family…

From fire giants to whispering halls, disappearing children to evening-wolves, fairy hills to bewitched cypress trees, and talking heads to moonshiners of a special sort, Midnight and Moonshine takes readers on a journey from ninth century Vinland to America’s Deep South in the present day.

The collection will be released as both a Limited hardcover signed by all contributors (100 numbered copies) and a Trade paperback.

In related news, that I tweeted yesterday, Lisa L. Hannett's debut collection, Bluegrass Symphony, is a nominee for the World Fantasy Awards

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