Aug 25, 2012

Tobsha Learner on Tobsha Learner

After an impromptu panel on 50 Shades of Grey in my local second hand book store (where I may have been convinced to push past the very ordinary prose to find the core story of.. ehem love), I had Tobsha Learner suggested to me, for both her literary skill and the fact that she mixes magical realism with her fiction, erotic or otherwise.

Learner is both a playwright and novelist who has been somewhat pigeonholed as a writer of erotic romance.  Enjoy the youtube clip of her explaining the breadth and sophistication of her work.

You’ll note the wit .

Tobsha writes a remarkable array of genres from Thrillers, to Magical Realism to Erotica.

I am currently reading her first book Quiver , a collection of erotic short tales, and it’s challenging, slightly transgressive but ultimately a showcase of great Australian talent.

Booktopia, I note have her book The Witch of Cologne on special and on the strength of her prose in Quiver I will add it to the wish list.

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