Aug 27, 2012

Personal Development–Short Story Writing

bluegrass-symphonyI have come to the conclusion that I work better under a deadline.  I am currently at work on two manuscripts, but they long term projects that are vey easy to dodge and make up excuses for.

So I have signed up to attend Lisa L Hannett’s short story workshop being run through the SA Writer’s Centre.  It’s a two day course split over two Saturdays,  a fortnight apart.

Week 1 we’ll be looking at craft and week 2 we’ll be looking at each other’s work.  So I figure this will put me under some pressure to pull my finger out.  Hoping fear of failure and potential social embarrassment will motivate me.

Who is Lisa Hannett?

Lisa L Hannett is an Adelaide resident hailing original from our Commonwealth cousin Canada.  She's been published in Clarkesworld Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, ChiZine, Shimmer, Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded and the Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2010, among other places.

She has won three Aurealis Awards, including Best Collection 2011 for her first book, Bluegrass Symphony (Ticonderoga). She’s currently working on her first novel Familiar and is about to release Midnight and Moonshine, co-authored with Angela Slatter(pronounced slay-ter).

Lisa is a graduate of that hothouse of talent - Clarion South.

You can hear Lisa and Angela Slatter talk on Writer and the Critic Episode 22

South Aussie peeps can still book by contacting the SA Writers centre via their website.

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