Aug 19, 2012

Sunday afternoon blues

Made all the worse because I have to try and get into a dentist tomorrow.  So I am expecting both physical and financial pain to compliment last week’s hot water repairs that didn’t need to happen (faulty time clock not the hot water service).

Thankfully I have been able to cope today with the assistance of Herr Hoffman’s magical elixir ( Extra strength aspirin at 4 hourly intervals).  Thursday and Friday I felt like drilling my own teeth out.

But what can you do?  Get angry at the man that’s what? 

Here’s one of my favourite bands, favourite in the sense that I actually get motivated to buy the album.  It’s Billy Talent with Viking Death March from their as yet unreleased album Dead Silence.

Who said punk was dead?  (You’ll like these guys if you like Green Day)

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