Aug 11, 2012

More on the Booktopia Sale–Science Fiction Edition

I took another look through Booktopia’s sale listings today, this time the Science fiction collection.  Now while the prices are not in the “criminally low” range of yesterdays offerings, there’s still some good deals to be had, so you can:

Check the titles out yourself here – only ten pages to look through or perhaps you’ll be interested by those below.

The free shipping is on till Midnight Sunday, use the word LOCAL in the coupon field.  Note that this doesn’t just cover the sale books.  It extends to anything ordered within the time period stated.
So those on the hunt for Trudi Canavan’s The Traitor Queen can order it now and receive free shipping when it ships next week.

But to the items of interest:
kindredOctavia Butler’s Kindred . At $28 for a Hardcover and free shipping an excellent deal if you want to read one of the female Sci-fi greats.

hyperionThe next is Hyperion by Dan Simmons, part of the Gollanz reissued hardbacks at $9.95.  There’s also a number of paperback versions available too, but there’s something curiously retro about the yellow covered version here.

And just to illustrate its not all classic stuff here’s Mira Grant’s Feed .  A zombie novel with a decidedly web 2.0 twist.  Coming in at just over half price – $11.40.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Booktopia - which means I make a small percentage for referring peeps who buy to them.  They are my only source of advertising and I support them for a couple of reasons a) Australian Business b) excellent customer service and response.

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