Aug 31, 2012

Demon Hunter finds a home

cherie-glampic-225x300Cheryse Durrant’s Demon Hunter has found a home with Clan Destine Press, another Australian Small Press producing quality genre fiction. 

Cheryse is in good company with such writers as Narelle M Harris and Rowena Cory Daniells also releasing works through Clan Destine.

Check out her reaction to picking up a contract below:

When Publishers land and offer you a book contract…

Breaking news! My gutsy Shahkara and her page-turning adventures have finally found a publishing home – within the talented ranks of Clan Destine Press (CDP). Demon Hunter (aka Shahkara), the first book in my newly-dubbed Heart Hunter series, will be released in print and e-book formats by May next year.

Okay, it’s not really breaking news since it’s almost a week ago that I was offered my shiny, three-book contract, but I was without internet for nearly a week while I was wining and dining with My Publisher and some awesome authors at the Gold Coast and attending RWA Conference workshops and parties. So, I haven’t been able to e-spruik my news until now (Cheryse dusts a couple of extra days beneath the speckled, lounge room rug). [read on]

So, congrats to Cheryse and Clan Destine.

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