Aug 21, 2012

Coeur De Lion – proudly DRM free

Jacket-mockup3lores-198x300Coeur De Lion have proudly decided to go DRM free. While it’s dreadfully easy to crack any DRM currently on the market, it’s a show of good faith in customers. It allows those who just want to move books between their devices as they upgrade or replace ( I am on my second device), do so without effectively breaking the law.

Keith Stevenson had this to say in his announcement:

All ebooks purchased directly from Coeur de Lion are entirely DRM free. That’s because we believe you have the right to read your file on whatever device you choose. We also value and trust you [...]

Thanks Keith.

And in other related news Adam Browne’s Pyrotechnicon will be available for purchase as a both hardcover and ebook as of midnight tonight (Tuesday 21st).

Head over to the store and camp out.

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