Aug 2, 2012

Melbourne has all the good stuff

including our Grand Prix1.

Seriously, it sometimes feels as though Melbourne seems to be a happening place for book culture (possibly it’s just the circles I um circulate in).

Case in point Embiggen bookshop.  For national science week they continue their habit of  providing top shelf speakers who will make you think

National Science Week @ Embiggen Books

Big Ideas, Big Speakers
  • 6.30pm THURSDAY Aug 18th: Dr Elizabeth FInkel on how the rapidly progressing science of genomics will change our lives?
  • 6.30pm FRIDAY Aug 19th—two speakers: Dr Mark Pesce: The launch of his book The Next Billion Seconds. The next billion seconds will see more change than the previous 60,000 years. And finally Danish Neuroengineer Dr Randal Koene, on the future of neural implants and whole brain emulation! 

1. Required comment as part of my South Australian residency

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