Jun 28, 2012

Steampunk and Angel Dust - Ticonderoga continues to roll out the goodies

ticonHot on the heels of their recent announcements here, Ticonderoga Publications have announced they will be publishing The Emerald Key, a steampunk thriller by  Stewart Sternberg and Christine Purcell.  The scheduled date of release is in mid-2014.

The Emerald Key is set in London in 1864 and blends alternate history with elements of horror, mystery and urban fantasy. The game is afoot and Ember Quatermain, the brilliant and courageous daughter of legendary explorer Allan Quatermain, must draw upon all of her abilities in order to save the day. Along the way she encounters dirigibles, the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, and the charming and irresponsible Peter Styles.


Angel Dust

They have also managed to sign author Ian McHugh for a debut collection.  The working title is Angel Dust.  The collection will feature a number of award winning and award nominated works as well as new content.For more information on Ian McHugh visit his website.

Angel Dust is scheduled for publication in mid-late 2014 and ill be available in limited edition hardcover, hardcover and trade editions.


Is it just me or does Speculative Fiction Small Press in Australia seem to be really healthy?

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