Jun 3, 2012

I have been Snapshotted

Dear readers,

By now you should have received the beginning posts of the Australian Speculative Fiction Snapshot 2012.  There will be well over 100 interviews of authors and commentators from the Australian community by the start of Continuum.

Therefore I have been asked some questions by the very talented Alex Pierce over her at her blog.

If you want a quick link to my interviews for the snapshot click here(this is a search like that will give you those posted.)

There will be an index post by the end of the project, but I encourage you to check the other interviewees below.

SnaphotLogo200512This interview was conducted as part of the 2012 Snapshot of Australian Speculative Fiction. We’ll be blogging interviews from 1st June to 8th June  and archiving them at ASif!: Australian SpecFic in Focus. You can read interviews at:

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