Review Policy

Welcome to my review policy section.

PLEASE NOTE: Closed to new reviews until February to enable me to clear backlog

Looking for a Reviewer?
Authors, Publishers and Agents can contact me at sbwright at gmail dot com.  Please place [Review Request] in the subject field so that you mail doesn't end up in the spam bin.
I am on the lookout  for new and exciting reads, however, I do have time constraints and believe that if I accept your work it deserves thoughtful reading and consideration.  So I will discuss with you whether or not I can fit it into my schedule.
My day job is of an on-call nature so my schedule needs to be flexible.
Book formats
eBooks – my preference is for titles in Epub format.  I can read .pdf’s and convert titles from most other digital formats but this may cause formatting errors.
pBooks -I am happy to consider Advance Reader Copies and in-print books (Please note for postage that I am located in Australia)
Book Sources
Self-Published – I will accept self published work.
Small Press/Indie Press I will consider self published/indie and small press titles, specifically if they are Australian
Traditional Publishing- I currently review Speculative Fiction from Hachette Australia so am quite happy to do so for other Australian Publishers.
Reading Preferences:
  • Speculative Fiction i.e. Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Alternate History
  • And for 2011 specifically Australian Authors (though not exclusively)
A note on piracy and digital files:
It shouldn't need stating, but some authors can be perhaps rightly concerned that once they let digital books out into the wide world there is the potential for piracy.  I conduct myself professionally which means that when you pass on a digital file for review I am the only one who gets to read the file – it does not get passed on to friends or even family.


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