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Jul 14, 2013

Filipino Specfic on the Horizon

phili I have just finished my regular quarterly column for International Speculative Fiction.  I have reviewed Dean & Nikki Alfar’s The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010 (provided by Mr Charles Tan) - I will let you know when it’s published. 

In the meantime if you are curious about stepping outside of the mainstream Anglo-centric genre and reading some great Filipino SpecFic then Cheryl over at Wizard’s Tower has some easily accessible ebooks by Dean Francis Alfar and a fantasy anthology edited by Paolo Chikiamco.

Cheryl also recently recorded a Blue Planet Episode with Dean and Charles Tan.

If you still haven’t had your fill I suggest wandering around the Rocket Kapre site.

Feel free to link to any other great sources of Filipino SpecFic talent in the comments?  Authors, bloggers or commentators.


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Feb 26, 2013

eBook Review – Archangel Protocol by Lyda Morehouse


First published in 2001, Archangel Protocol has been brought back to life through the existence of a pirated electronic text. It’s now legally available through outlets such as Wizards Tower Books.

That techno wizardry of some description was involved in the salvage of Morehouse’s text is somewhat ironic given the post-apocalyptic tale that she gives us with the Archangel Protocol. Morehouse delivers a solid tale that has aged remarkably well.

  It’s largely detective fiction set in a hyper connected world living on after a third world war.  It draws strongly on cyberpunk themes( and I would probably classify it as such) – a hyper connected world, avatars running around in cyberspace, hackers etc., but also serves up some interesting ideas and commentary on religion and politics in an American context.

Morehouse’s vision of the future, its politics and the state of religions affairs, is plausible fresh and certainly still relevant 13 years on.  Even the technology, or more precisely the way social media is presented in the book doesn’t miss the mark by all that much.

Where it came a little unstuck for me was in the religious plot.  This is more a personal issue for me and not any real reflection on the author. Give me witch kings and wizards and I have no problem suspending my disbelief, the minute we start talking angels in a theological  sense and including them in a story I begin to lose interest.  Perhaps it’s because I view Archangel Protocol as more science fiction than fantasy, because the “world” is closer to our own, that I have a mental speed bump here.

That being said the metaphysical content in the book is fairly ecumenical, the thrust very liberal – the way I prefer my religions to be.

Another good point is its treatment of gay and transgender characters, the world may be harsh to those living outside the very strictly defined norm, but Morehouse presents sympathetic and strong characters from these minority groups. 

If you pine for cyberpunk but want to leave behind the mirror shades and the 1980’s then took a look at Archangel Protocol, I enjoyed the reading despite the speed bump. Would I read more Morehouse? Definitely.

This book was provided by Wizards Tower Books free of charge.

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Jan 16, 2013

Fablecroft eBooks

AftertheRain_lg_mediumAnother bit of info that seems to have slipped under the radar.  Fablecroft have released a couple of last years titles as eBooks.  I spotted these two at Wizards Tower Books run by the lovely Cheryl Morgan.

Epilogue-Cover-195x300I can recommend Epilogue, as I have the Paperback version.  After the Rain I haven’t had the pleasure of reading.

And If I recall correctly there’s another anthology due out later this year called One Small Step.  Keep your eyes peeled Tehani ( has a good eye for quality authors


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Jul 8, 2012

eBook Release - The Secret Feminist Cabal - Helen Merrick | Wizard's Tower Books

Although Helen Merrick’s book, The Secret Feminist Cabal has been out for some time (it won a 2010 Atheling Award and was nominated for the 2010 Hugo’s).  This is the first time I have seen it promoted in ebook form (which makes it so much more tempting to buy- and I did) and it’s available at Wizard’s Tower Books, headed by the wonderful Cheryl Morgan1.

What is the Secret Feminist Cabal?

secret-feminist-cabal-cvr-lrThe Secret Feminist Cabal is an extended answer to the question Helen Merrick asks in her introduction: "why do I read feminist sf?" In this wide-ranging cultural history we are introduced to a multiplicity of sf feminisms as Merrick takes readers on a tour of the early days of sf fandom, tracks the upheavals of the 1950s and 1960s and the explosions of feminist sf in the 1970s, and contextualizes subsequent developments in feminist sf scholarship.

Her history is expansive and inclusive: it ranges from North America to the UK to Australia; it tells us about readers, fans, and academics as well as about writers, editors, and publishers; and it examines the often uneasy intersections of feminist theory and popular culture.

Merrick brings things up to date with considerations of feminist cyberfiction and feminist science and technology studies, and she concludes with an intriguing review of the Tiptree Award as it illuminates current debates in the feminist sf community. Broadly informed, theoretically astute, and often revisionary, The Secret Feminist Cabal is an indispensable social and cultural history of the girls who have been plugged into science fiction. [Source]

Published by Aqueduct Press books, it is available from Amazon, but I prefer not to deal with them if I can avoid it, besides you can purchase both formats ( mobi and epub ) from Wizard’s Tower DRM free.

If you are keen on the paperback version Booktopia has it for $21.90 and if you type the words FINALS in the appropriate coupon box in checkout (before midnight tonight) you can get free postage(not just on Helen’s book but on your whole order).

1. After a little more digging it seems that its probably been available through Aqueduct press for a while  in ebook form

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