Apr 23, 2012

NAFF Race results 2012 iz in

imagesThe results are in and I ran second.

Congratulations to John and Sarah Parker who will be attending NatCon/Continuum 8 as NAFF delegates.

I would like to thank Sue Ann Barber for administering the race and any other committee or sub committee members involved, volunteering is often a thankless or under appreciated aspect of major events.

I would also dearly love to thank Tansy, Alex and Alisa who nominated me and spruiked me.  Being so highly thought of by these three wonderful women brings a tear to my eye.

I would love to thank those that chipped in and voted.  I know who some of you are, but not all. 

I feel somewhat invested in the process and the event and so I will doing my darnedest to attend, with the intention of doing everything I said I would as a NAFF delegate.  It will depend on what work I can obtain but fingers crossed.

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