Apr 30, 2012

20% Off–Bread and Circuses by Felicity Dowker

bread-and-circuses-webTiconderoga Press has announced that eager readers can pre-order Felicity Dowker’s Bread and Circuses from Indie Books Online.

Bread and Circuses is Felicity’s debut collection. The Writer and The Critic did an interview with Felicity in which talk of this collection came up. The interview can be found here.

Felicity won the 2009 Ditmar for Best New Talent and has been an Aurealis and Australian Shadows Award finalist.

Felicity is contributing editor to the excellent Dark Fantasy weblog Thirteen O’Clock.

It’s wonderful to see Bread and Circuses nearing publication.  Congrats to Russell and Felicity.

The link for pre-order is here.

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