Apr 9, 2012

It’s Anomaly by Jason “ A pun for every occasion” Fischer

I have been keenly awaiting the release of Jason’s novella with Steven Saville since Jason mentioned it ages ago and I fell in love with the cover. 

The Viral series of which Anomaly is book two, has been under an exclusivity agreement with B&N, meaning that I couldn’t purchase it.  Thankfully its out now on Amazon. 

The copy:

A journalist stumbles across a deadly secret. Aid doctors find themselves on the new warfront, where the truth is fluid, and life is cheap. A company man has to make a brutal decision that could affect millions.

Welcome to Viral, a series of political thrillers set all over the globe. The CIA is up to no good, subverting humanitarian aid programs to further its own ends. Five writers explore this theme from different angles, and it’s foot-to-the-floor action.


Thrillers are one of the hottest properties on the Kindle, or so I have been informed by my wholly unscientific reading of such things on the internets.  So it should do well.

Bravo  Jason  oh and Steven.

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