Apr 12, 2012

Episode 57 of the Hugo Award Nominated Galactic Suburbia



Another episode full of crunchy goodness but now with added Hugo.  In this episode Tansy, Alisa and Alex squee over their Hugo nomination. Which is then followed by discussion of the other Hugo nominations.

Then it’s on to the Hunger Games and the inherent unfairness of how the movie is ‘make it or break it’ for films with female protagonists that don’t get their tops off, but any number of movie flops with male protagonists is alright.

The purge of literary awards by Chairman "’Can do anything he wants because Queensland's only got one house of parliament” Campbell gets a mention as well.

Plus lots of other really cool stuff what happened on the internets. 

Oh and they mention me in my running for NAFF funding – woot!  Should I attach to my blog banner “As mentioned on the Hugo award nominated Galactic Suburbia.”?

You can download the crunch here or stream below.

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