Apr 10, 2012

Damnation and Dames Giveaway

Damnation-Dames-ed-Grzyb-Pillar-web-197x300Damnation and Dames – Sixteen Stunning Tales Of Paranormal Noir was launched at Swancon over the Easter Weekend.

In celebration of its release,there is a giveaway running at Goodreads.  Click here to enter the draw to win a great collection.

Check out this post for the TOC.

If you really can’t wait you can order it from here



I am not a politician, you can trust me

I have been nominated to run in this years fan fund for the National Science Fiction Convention to be held in Melbourne.

If you appreciate the work that I do in Australian Speculative Fiction Fandom and you have a spare $5, you can vote for me here and help send me to the National Conference.

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