Apr 17, 2012

Cover Candy - Through Splintered Walls by Kaaron Warren


Amanda Rainey has done another fantastic job on this Twelve Planets book cover. 

It’s a little while till we get it (the book), but seeing the cover and having encountered Warren’s work before I think its an excellent choice.

TPP has released the back cover blurb:

Country road, city street, mountain, creek.
These are stories inspired by the beauty, the danger, the cruelty, emptiness, loneliness and perfection of the Australian landscape.

Canadian Horror writer Gemma Files gave it this intro:

Every Warren story is a trip with no map… If you are bent on opening this book, therefore, remember: Keep your eyes open, accept all of what it has to offer without qualm, and beware the only thing I can promise you is that you will be taken where you may not want to go.

For Kaaron Warren, while many things, is very much not your Mum; she owes you nothing except the words on the page, this open door into four very different someplaces else through which she will escort you, then take her leave, without a single glance back. And it will be entirely contingent on you to get yourself back out.

The book will be launched  at Continuum in early June, which segues nicely into my panhandling on the NAFF race:

I have been nominated to run in this years fan fund for the National Science Fiction Convention to be held in Melbourne.

If you appreciate the work that I do in Australian Speculative Fiction Fandom and you have a spare $5, you can vote for me here and help send me to the National Conference.

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