Mar 12, 2012

On the road to Continuum

contOver the weekend sometime, I was gently directed ( I have a bruise1 ) towards applying for National Australian Fan Funding funding to attend the National Science Fiction Convention to be held concurrently with the Continuum 8 Conference in Melbourne2 .

I had been asked by a number of Melbourne peeps and writers if I was going and my initial response was that unfortunately funds are quiet low (the start to the school year has been disastrous for TRT work – not enough teachers calling in sick or spending money on T&D).

It’s been interesting time, not quite at the level of Ramen noodles but still, purchasing anything other than the essentials brings waves of guilt and has me thinking about why I have two kidneys.

Enter the NAFF

But the national convention has a really good program for supporting fans who would like to attend cons, who work with the community and otherwise might not be able to attend.  I believe it’s expected that the winner will be able to bring some aspect of the convention alive for those living interstate.

So my road to Continuum starts here.  I will shortly be sending in my nomination form to the organisers after receiving some very generous nominations from some people I profoundly respect.

I will keep you updated as to what’s happening and how you can vote etc.  I’d also be keen to hear from readers what you might like me to attempt to do if I am successful. 

If I don’t win and the financial situation picks up between now and June I had planned to conduct audio interviews for distribution through Galactic Chat and to report on interesting panels I attend.

I’d also like to encourage readers to support the nominee even if it isn’t me. I will keep you updated on details.

Feel free to throw suggestions at me in the comments

1. I don’t actually, they were very gentle and its quite an honour to be thought of as someone worthy

2. Continuum is held in Melbourne each year, but the National convention jumps around from state to state, last year it was held concurrently with Swancon

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