Apr 5, 2012

Sean and the NAFF- I am in the Running

c8_octaviusoctonariiI posted here on my application to the The National Australian Fan Fund for funding to go to the National Science Fiction Convention in June, which this year is Continuum 8, in Melbourne.

I am in the Running

Now we (the applicants) were limited to 100 words in support of our application - you can see those in the running below.

2012 NAFF Nominees

Sean Broughton-Wright (<---------- This is me)

A fan reviewer and commenter writing at Adventures of a Bookonaut, Sean promotes Australian speculative fiction authors, publishers and community news. In 2011 he ran an interview series on ‘Authors & Social Media’, featuring the likes of Marianne de Pierres and Margo Lanagan. He submits audio interviews to the fan produced Galactic Chat podcast; Claire Corbett being his most recent. His cunning plan at Continuum is to record audio interviews; file a daily report and tweet selected panels. He will gladly participate in panels or con activities that match his expertise.

Nominated by: Alisa Krasnostein (WA), Tansy Rayner Roberts (Tas) and Alexandra Pierce (Vic)

John and Sarah Parker

Sarah and John Parker are Perth Fans with over 50 conventions between them, including the ones they have run. They love to volunteer at conventions, make art, write stuff, and have won a number of Tin Ducks and a Marge Hughes Award between them for their efforts. They have both served on the WASFF Board, but don’t let that fool you. They have also attended and hosted more room parties than is good for them and both once got turfed out of the Gin Palace at 3am! Please come to their NAFF Fundraising parties at Swancon and Continuum this year!

Nominated by: Ju Landéesse (WA), Sarah Xu (Qld), Dave Cake (WA)

As you can see I am up against some worthy, heavy hitting opposition. 

You are my community

I live in a farmhouse in the middle of a Wheatfield about 2.5 hours from any organised face to face fandom.  So the majority of my vote gathering and fundraising will have to be from you dear readers. 

I mean, I think have the chooks onside but the sheep around here are a little hard to read.

What do you have to do?

You can go straight to the NAFF page here where you can download the voting slips and get details for sending payment to the Fund administrator.

Essentially you select one of the two nominees above and workout how you would like to get the money to the NAFF fund. 

Paypal is an option.

And why am I giving you my vote/money?

This is the part I hate - when it comes to soliciting for funds or blowing my own trumpet.  So much easier when you are doing it for other people.

I like to think, that with my blog, involvement in Galactic Chat and other activities that I am contributing to the community; providing something for both fandom and authors. 

Funding to go to the National Con enables me to connect with those two parts of the community and bring the benefit of those connections to you, my fellow residents in Cyberspace. 

As I have said the cunning plan, should I be successful, is to

  • record author and fan interviews
  • live tweet the Ditmars
  • file a daily report
  • participate in any panels or workshops that might be of value to my readers
  • allow you to live vicariously through me

But I am also open to suggestions. So don’t hold back in the comments .  I will be conducting sporadic posts in regards to my personal history of Fandom so you can learn about Sean the fan.

Thanks to those who have already humbled me with their support and votes.

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