Apr 30, 2012

Grant Watson seeking contributors for Doubleplusgood


unclesam (2)Grant Watson, award-winning Australian playwright, science fiction critic and co-host of Bad Film Diaries.  Wants you in all your slavering fan glory.

He’s compiling a fanzine and he wants you to contribute.  Think not of what you could do for doubleplusgood but …hey… um you get the picture.

Here’s the lowdown:


In the next month or two I will launch an all-new fanzine (fan magazine, like a real magazine only with more enthusiasm and none of us get paid), Doubleplusgood. It's a general fanzine of science fiction, fantasy and horror, whether in books, comics, films, television dramas, theatre, board and videogames - there is quite simply not a medium I am not interested in covering in this 'zine.

Doubleplusgood will be available online as a free PDF, and also in print at a small price simply to cover the cost of printing and postage.

I'm looking for contributions. So if you would like to send me something for publication…[read on]

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