Apr 29, 2012

Cover Candy–Epilogue from FableCroft


To the left is the cover of FableCroft’s Epilogue.  The artist is the amazing Amanda Rainey,

What’s Epilogue?

Editor Tehani Wessely put out a call for submissions last year on the following idea:

The world is ending: climate change, natural disaster, war and disease threaten to destroy all we know. Predictions of the future are bleak. But does the apocalypse really mean the end of the world? Is there no hope for a future that follows?

FableCroft Publishing is seeking speculative fiction stories on the theme “Apocalypse Hope”. The stories must in some way address the idea that after the apocalypse (whatever and wherever in your universe that might be), there is a future for the peoples who survive it. The rest is up to your imagination.

After the Apocalypse would have been a really cool title but unfortunately it had already been snagged by another author.  Tehani commenced a media campaign to name the book and “Epilogue” was the result.

Who’s in it?

The table of contents can be found here.

But just to throw some names in the air:

Joanne Anderton, Steve Cameron,Thoraiya Dyer, Dirk Flinthart, Jason Nahrung and Tansy Rayner Roberts

Pre-Order special:

The book will be released at Continuum 8, but you can get a couple of dollars off the price here.

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