Apr 8, 2012

Goodreads giveaway for Ishtar

ishtarI am overjoyed to have found out that I am the winner of a hardcopy of Ishtar after participating in a competition on Deborah Biancotti’s blog. 

I had actually gone out and purchased the ebook version from Smashwords owing, I contend, to subliminal messaging in Deb Biancotti’s post.

Ishtar is edited by Aussie editor Amanda Pillar, and contains three novellas written by Australian women writers. 

Here’s the description lifted from Smashwords:

This novella collection is powerful, sexy and very, very deadly.

'The Five Loves of Ishtar': Kaaron Warren

Follow the path that the goddess Ishtar takes through the eyes of her most devoted worshippers, her washerwomen. Sharokin, Atur, Ninlil, Shamiran, Ninevah and Ashurina share in their goddess' loves, losses and triumphs, as kingdoms rise and fall in the Land of Rivers.

'And the Dead Shall Outnumber the Living': Deborah Biancotti

In modern-day Sydney, male prostitutes are dying. Their bones have turned to paste and their bodies are jelly. As Detective Adrienne Garner investigates the deaths, she finds rumours of strange cults and old gods whose powers threaten her city and, ultimately, her world.

'The Sleeping and the Dead': Cat Sparks

Dr. Anna remembers little of her life before the war, merely traces of the man she used to love. When three desperate travellers rekindle slumbering memories, she begins a search that takes her to Hell and beyond. A search for love and, ultimately, enlightenment.

The collection has been nominated for an Aurealis Award. If you’re keen on reading good speculative fiction, or you are at a loss for works to read for the AWW2012 challenge you can:

Enter in the Goodreads giveaway here or if you simply can’t wait, shoot over to Smashwords and pick it up. Ishtar is only $5.95

“I sing for my supper, cause it makes me feel so good”

I have been nominated to run in this years fan fund for the National Science Fiction Convention to be held in Melbourne.

If you appreciate the work that I do in Australian Speculative Fiction Fandom and you have a spare $5, you can vote for me here and help send me to the National Conference.

Monies raised go towards this and subsequent years funding.

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