Apr 21, 2012

The Writer & The Critic Episode 18

Ah, the Kirstyn and Mondy show.  I could listen to these two talk about gardening1 and I would be happy, such is their rapport. 

This episode starts with some interesting gender discussions prompted by listener Mark Webb.  Mondy plays the unwitting male perfectly 2 ,asking those questions that some male listeners may be thinking but are too afraid to ask, for fear of looking stupid.

The discussion proper is on


You can download here or stream  below:

1. Not a big fan, like vegetable gardening but hate mowing lawns

2.Taking one for the team

Only one more day of me hassling you for funding

I have been nominated to run in this years fan fund for the National Science Fiction Convention to be held in Melbourne.

If you appreciate the work that I do in Australian Speculative Fiction Fandom and you have a spare $5, you can vote for me here and help send me to the National Conference.


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