Apr 6, 2013

Winged Lives Wagered at The Glass Coin

rooster My poem Winged Lives Wagered is live at The Glass Coin. So feel free my hordes of readers to go over and make a comment or if you prefer the serenity of this blog to make a comment below or at my dedicated poetry blog – Words Poetical

Winged Lives Wagered was written as part of Post-It Note Poetry month.  An event that was spawned by the brains of Adam Byatt and Jodi Cleghorn and held on a Facebook group.  Each participant was encouraged to write a poem a day, something that would fit on a post-it note.  The emphasis was on just writing poetry(and actually writing not typing), not worrying too much about how good it was, not giving time for our internal editors to stifle the flow.

It was and still is the best poetry writing activity I have participated in.

It is amazing what you can achieve when under a little pressure.  Not everything was a brilliant work of art (speaking of my own work) but there were some good works that I am proud of.  One of them is Winged Lives Wagered


Winged Lives Wagered

Two roosters crowed a dueling song

and mornings break still yet to come,

I lay and watched the stars explode

as with my hands I rubbed at sleep

that glued lids shut in pleasant dreams.

With fitful breath I did, it seems

upon the name of demons call

for plagues of mites or chicken flu.

For sleepless nights can lead a thought,

to winged lives wagered and souls bought.


I own chickens and the roosters that inspired the poem, never crow at the break of dawn, instead preferring to start a competition at around 3am.  It’s led to many a nights wishing I had a sharpened axe.

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