Apr 4, 2013

Calling all reviewers - Australian Spec Fic Review Weekly

I was listening to this edition of Galactic Suburbia, where amongst other things (Hugo’s, Ditmars, saying very nice things about me) they reminded me that the ASIF project had come to an end.  There was some lamentation that there isn’t really something to replace it as centralized store of reviews.  I was momentarily saddened but it got me thinking - lots of time to when your car radio’s stuffed and you have run out of podcasts. 

The people that contributed to the reviews on ASIF still review, the material is still out there. 

Now, I am a fan of  Paper.li service for collating tweets/news particular to certain areas of interest and thought. Thus I have formed a paper called the Australian Spec Fic Review Weekly, a service that will collate all reviews of Australian Speculative Fiction in one place. Its not as reliable a service as a dedicated store, but it should pickup the reviews that happen weekly.

So if you are an Australian reviewer (or anyone really) reviewing Australian Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror then you can add your tweet to those collated by the weekly by appending the hashtag  #ausfrev to your podcasts, reviews or interviews.

I will be exercising post publishing editorial control on those tweets collected by the paper.

EDIT: Which means that I will delete tweets that aren’t referencing articles that relate to Australian writers/reviewing/interviews/podcasts on the same.  The idea is to promote Aussie  writers and those that review them, not to become a congealed mess of neophyte bookpushers who seem to clog up every book review space :D .

The paper will publish Friday evenings at roughly 6 pm.


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