Apr 6, 2013

Ditmars 2013 - Best Fan Writer

I have been in two minds as to whether I should comment on this category with me appearing as the number four spot on the ballot but I also want to preview the other people in the running because I think they are very worthy.  I note that this year the ballot features three folks that were featured last year Alex, Tansy and myself.

So, Alex Pierce or Random Alex if you follow her blog. She’s nominated for her body of work and her reviews for the now sadly closed ASIF.  Fans of Galactic Suburbia will know her as a regular panelist participant on that show.  I like Alex’s work, though I often have delay my reading of it because she’s reviewing books that I have in my list as well.  I appreciate the depth of analysis that she brings to each review and secretly wish that I had the time to do the same.  A worthy nominee.  She’s one of those reviewers who I think influence the books I buy personally.

Tansy Rayner Roberts, or should I say the “Hugo nominated” Tansy Rayner Roberts( both her and Alex are in the podcast category as well).  I love both her fiction and her non-fiction writings.  She makes me look like a neophyte fan of Dr Who and her essay/blog post on TOR Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy.Let’s Unpack That.,(nominated for an Atheling) was one of the standout pieces for the year.  I generally find anything that Tansy writes to be of interest, across a range of subjects. You can find her here. Worthy? Very much so.

Grant Watson, well known and with a considerable history in fandom, is a quiet achiever – I say quiet because he’s not one to put himself about, or toot his own horn(at least online). He turns out quality commentary regularly, covering comics, film, and television if your are not subscribed to The Angriest, you should be.  I also had the pleasure of seeing him almost single handedly run a convention panel on the Elizabethans at the last Natcon.  A bit of a dark horse in this race I think

And me.  Well I’ll leave the judging to you and potential voters.  I am nominated for my body of work, which last year consisted more of reviews than specific defined projects (the podcasting and collaborative projects are nominated in other categories).  I am proud to have improved my reviewing of female writers due in part to my continued focus on gender balance and the AWW2012 challenge.  I hope you have enjoyed the reviews and news coverage.  Thanks for reading.

Best Fan Writer
* Alex Pierce, for body of work including reviews in Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus
* Tansy Rayner Roberts, for body of work including reviews in Not If You Were The Last Short Story On Earth
* Grant Watson, for body of work including the “Who50” series in The Angriest
* Sean Wright, for body of work including reviews in Adventures of a Bookonaut

Of course this list is the end result of the nomination protest there are a number of folks that put in a heap of work, like all of us, unpaid.  I could list most of the eligibles list here, as worth a look.

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