Mar 7, 2013

Writing Updates

image201107290001 Well, let’s see its been nearly 2 months since my last confession.  My first story has had three rejections and currently its spending time in solitary, contemplating how it could be better.  I know I should have sent it out again, but in the intervening time I have picked up a part time job that has all but killed my time and motivation. 

I did, as you will have noticed rediscover poetry in February which resulted in my writing a speculative fiction poem that I have submitted for publication in an online magazine.  So I haven’t been totally sedentary.  It’s called Bad Ground and has an Australian/Cthulu-esque vibe. 

I tell you though if you think its hard working out submission requirements for short stories, well poetry guidelines seem to be even more nebulous and seem to amount to make sure it’s good and if you write traditional poetry ie metred verse with rhyme, make sure it’s bloody good.

So do I think I have a chance…no idea. 

I am not a big fan of free verse, I prefer the likes of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. Or maybe it’s the quality of the free verse I have read?  For I can be put off by wrenched rhyme and clichéd turns of phrase as much as the next person. 

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