Mar 26, 2013 Bids farewell

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22 MARCH 2013

Ebook sales via to end on June 30

Today, we let our retail and publishing partners know that we’ll be ending ebook sales via the platform on June 30 this year. We have been privileged to work with Australia’s best independent booksellers as we all fought for a place in what is a difficult market, and we did not come easily to the decision to end our retail operations. We thank the proprietors and staff of Readings, Fullers, Avid Reader, Mary Ryan’s, Imprints, Books for Cooks and Gleebooks for their willingness to be part of this project, and for their input and guidance along the way.

Customers who’ve purchased ebooks from our retail partners will continue to have access to those titles and to their libraries, and we’re very proud to see the browser-based reading technology that started with grow into an integral part of OverDrive’s library, school and retail platforms.

— Virginia Murdoch


I have never been a fan of the system for purchases.  But it’s sad to see an Australian product disappear.  The technology lives on in the Overdrive Read technology that anyone who’s signed up to an Australian ebook library ecosystem powered by Overdrive, will be familiar with.

And I think its really the right sort of environment for library lending.  Call me old fashioned, but I felt that if I was paying full price for a book then I owned the file/container it came in. For that reason I only ever used to view book files I uploaded or free content.

It will be interesting to see what solution the independents go with now. 

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